Fire Up The Grill

At Mega Charcoal Grill we’ve been serving historic Mediterranean flavours for over 15 years. We’re not your typical takeaway; we are top local chefs with a passion for authentic flavours, recipes and traditional cooking methods from our Turkish roots.

Our Food

Ordering a takeaway shouldn’t mean compromising on good cooking and fresh ingredients, that’s why we say “eat smart”. We make quality food, fresh to order whether you’re visiting or ordering from home. We only deliver to the Cheshunt area because we want to make sure everything’s hot and at restaurant quality on arrival.

The variety on our menu also enables you to eat smart because you can make healthier meal choices than you would at other takeaways from our selection of crisp salads, lean proteins and vegetarian options.

We grill everything to perfection on our famed charcoal grills – just like the ones used in traditional Turkish cuisine. Cooking on charcoal grills gives the authentic smoky fresh-cooked taste that you simply don’t get from other cooking methods.